At the chair of primary education have been working lots of highly qualified teachers such as: V.P . Kanakina (candidate of pedagogical science, author of more than 200 publications, among which textbooks for students and pupils, complex "The Russian Language" for schoolchildren); candidate of pedagogical science G. G. Shmiryova, (author of "Methods of teaching mathematics in primary school" which is widely used in тапу Institutes of Russia); candidate of pedagogical science T.V.Ozerova (author of more than 50 publications devoted to the problems of art upbringing of students and pupils, whose work has resulted in the creation of а decorative art museum; she also took an active part in working out the program called "Our Land"); candidate of pedagogical science T.A. Sukhova (teaching students to work at school with the problems of ecological education of pupils).

The chair is proud to have lots of other highly qualified teachers such as: T.V. Bolotova (usage of information technologies in studying mathematics); I.A. Zotova (design teaching in primary school); candidate of pedagogical science E.L.Кharchevnikova (modeling of lessons of literary reading оп the base of innovation technologies); candidate of pedagogical science G.N. Manasova (methods of teaching Russian and literary reading at school); Z.L. Monasevich (teacher of methods of Russian language); candidate of pedagogical science E.I. Romashkova (after-school activities of children; for 15 years she has been one of the judges of "Teachers of the year"); V.M. Blinov (history of pedagogies, main editor of the almonach "Wlady"); candidate of pedagogical science N.V. Belyakova (now the dean of the faculty).

Teaching philology is being successfully done by G.N. Kabanova, V.A. Fedosov, M.S. Iskrenkova, I.I. Molodets, I.V. Gradulyova, assistant professor N .М. Chemyakovskaya.