The Department supports the work of the correspondence department of the Faculty of preschool and primary education for training pre-school education. Head of Department - Ph.D., Associate Professor Perekusihina Natalia.

Part-time preschool department at the Faculty of preschool and primary education VlSU there since 1986. In the year 1994, the department is open pre-school education department, which included professionals working in different fields.

Over the past 25 years, part time pre-school department developed these creative and scientific fields. One of them - "The history of early childhood education" - is headed by Associate Professor, Ph.D., Corresponding Member of the IASP Galina Maximova. She headed the department for over 15 years. All this time she and her colleagues, teachers and students developed a series of complex scientific topics, which were the subject of study processes of historical development of preschool education.

The problems of scientific research greatly expanded under the integrated theme of "Humanitarization training of employees of preschool educational institutions in a tiered system of teacher education of the Vladimir region", implemented jointly with the Department of Pedagogy and primary education. On this subject the members of the department has published several scientific articles, and its practical realization is reflected in the methodical development of a number of legal disciplines and elective courses.

Today, the scientific staff of the department has 9 teachers implement in their research activities to develop an extensive range of pre-school education:

1. PhD, Associate Professor Arifulin A.N. - The theme of "Diagnosis of formation of motor skills of older preschoolers";

2. Ph.D., Associate Professor Kalinkovskaya S.B. - The theme "Organizational and pedagogical conditions to improve the content of the educational process at the university for distance learning", "Interactive Learning at the correspondence department of the university";

3. Ph.D., Associate Professor Kolomiets T.V. - Theme of "Pedagogical conditions of formation of the cognitive activity of preschool children", "New approaches to assessing the quality of preschool education", "Use of an entertaining mathematics in the development of logical thinking older preschoolers";

4. Honored teacher of Russia, professor Lubomirska E.G. - The theme of "Creating a figurative speech in older preschool children";

5. Ph.D., Associate Professor Maksimova G.U. - The theme of "Becoming a national system of early childhood education";

6. Ph.D., Associate Professor Morozova O.V. - The theme "Social and personal development of children of preschool age," "the original concept of raising a child in the national pedagogy late XIX - early XX centuries.";

7. Ph.D., Associate Professor Perekusihina N.A. - The theme "Improving the content of higher education within the axiological approach to distance learning," "Pedagogical conditions noosphere education in the preschool years";

8. Professor Skrypnikova E.A. - The theme of "movement as a phenomenon of preschool age."

9. Ph.D., Associate Professor Frolov V.A. - The theme of "Urgent remedial pedagogical problems in preschool education."

Associate Professor Kalinkovskaya S.B manages interdepartmental research laboratory faculty of preschool and primary education "Improving vocational and artistic training of teachers of preschool educational establishments and primary school teachers."

The department conducted a systematic development of scientific and methodological support of educational process in all disciplines of the curriculum standards of the third generation.

Department of Preschool Education supports wide coordination bonds with institutions of education Vladimir region and Russia.

Collaboration with education, teaching, research, and other organizations and institutions is carried out on several fronts.

Since 70% of preschool students in the kindergarten offices are the city of Vladimir, and the region, almost all the research work of students are practice-oriented character. Results needs used in practical work in the preschool teaching practices through continuous inclusion in the content and methods of ongoing educational activities of the provisions and findings of the study from its own research activities.

All this suggests a fairly deep scientific roots and traditions of pre-school education VlSU, created a solid basis of common psychological and educational studies faculty and students, who can provide a high level and quality of research work for future and current students.